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[Updated as of September 2019]

The following terms & conditions are effective from the date of publication as shown above and will be amended from time to time. Please ensure that you read these terms and conditions carefully before making any purchase or using our service. Doing so implies that you have accepted the terms of use.

1. Program Overview

The Fincare Rewards Program (or “Program”) is a loyalty program powered by National Payments Corporation of India (or “Sponsor”) through which customers having a valid Fincare Small Finance Bank’s Customer ID, may earn points that will be credited to its rewards account. Registered users can redeem their points through the product catalogue, e-vouchers or offers offered by Fincare Small Finance Bank.

2. Privacy Practices

Please review our Privacy Policy, which governs your visit to Fincare Small Finance Bank’s rewards website to help you understand our practices better.

3. User Eligibility

The program is open for all the residents of India who are at least eighteen (18) years of age or older. Each user must have at least one Fincare bank account with a valid Rupay card and he/she can become a part of the Fincare Rewards Program once he/she is registered with Fincare Retail Internet Banking service.

4. Registration

To enroll in this program once a Fincare Account eligible for offers is opened by the customer, the customer is required to register online on our retail internet banking website ( or register on Fincare’s Mobile Banking Application available for download on iStore and Play Store.

The customer can also join the program directly as a new user where he/ she will be required to have an eligible account in Fincare Small Finance Bank. He/ she can use its retail internet banking login credentials to login into the program. The customer is responsible for keeping its retail internet banking credentials confidential.

5. Usage

You may use the Fincare Rewards Program for personal purpose only and not for any business, commercial or other use. Fincare Small Finance Bank is authorized to act on all instructions received by another customer using your account and is not responsible for any transaction made without your authorization. Fincare Small Finance Bank also reserve the right to terminate/delete any account without notice at our sole and absolute discretion at any time.

6. Acceptance

By agreeing with our terms and conditions, you accept that we may transfer your personal data, or the personal data of others on whose behalf you are transacting, for the purposes of facilitating a transaction and providing sales support for a transaction. You consent to receive transactional, commercial and marketing communications related to Fincare Small Finance Bank’s rewards program as well as other products and services related to Fincare Small Finance Bank.

7. Earning Points

  • 7.1. Fincare Small Finance Bank’s customers can earn Points through a transaction with the Fincare Rewards Program for the purchase of goods or services paid by using Fincare Small Finance Bank’s Rupay debit/crebit card.
  • 7.2. Another way the customers can earn Points is through non-transactional activities which include goodwill points as well as bonus points. Bonus points would be communicated from time to time on the Program’s portal ( or through any other means of communication as decided by Fincare Small Finance Bank from time to time.
  • 7.3. It is the task of Fincare Small Finance Bank’s customers to ensure that the data which is generated electronically such as transaction slips is accurate and to check that all transactions done with partners enable them to earn points.

8. Partners’ Rights

Fincare Small Finance Bank and its rewards partners may change any of the terms and conditions of their business at any time without giving any notice to the customer. It is the responsibility of the customer to keep himself/ herself updated with such changes. Fincare Small Finance Bank carries no liability for the acts and omissions of its partners.

9. Points Calculation

  • 9.1. The points earned through transactions will be credited to the user’s account instantly or within 45 working days.
  • 9.2. Users will not be awarded points in fractions, as points are accrued as whole. Points are valid only for a particular period and the customer shall not be entitled to redeem any of such lapsed points.
  • 9.3. Points present in one bank account can be clubbed with another account within Fincare Small Finance Bank that can be used for redemption as a whole or separately as per customer’s choice.
  • 9.4. No points in one customer’s account can be pooled with points in another customer’s account.
  • 9.5. Customers can call on the details provided on or go the “order history” page to get a summary of their recent transaction or detailed point balance.

10. Points Redemption

  • 10.1. Points can be redeemed at products catalogue mentioned on after successful customer authentication.
  • 10.2. Customers can redeem points and pay the remaining amount by card while they make the purchase of any goods or services at or using the Fincare Small Finance Bnak’s mobile banking application.
  • 10.3. All products and services in the Product Catalogue are subject to availability and seller (s) warranties and conditions at the time of purchase.

11. Warranty/ Guarantee

  • 11.1. It is the sole responsibility of the seller(s) to maintain warranties and guarantees on the rewards. The Fincare Rewards Program is not responsible for any defect or deficiency in the products purchased by the customer, whatsoever.
  • 11.2. Customers can contact the respective Seller(s) / Manufacturer (in case of manufacturer warranty) in the event of any defect or deficiency of the product.
  • 11.3. Gift vouchers/vouchers will always come with a validity period. No seller or issuer of gift vouchers will be responsible for vouchers that were not used under the expiry dates mentioned. Vouchers cannot be revalidated in any situation.

12. Refund Policy

  • 12.1. In case of refunds, the points consumed for the specific order would be reversed back to the account.
  • 12.2. Refund shall be subject to the discretion of Fincare Small Finance Bank.
  • 12.3. Refunds for any cancelled/ returned orders would be processed within 15 working days.

13. Return Policy

If any goods or products delivered to the customer are found damaged, defective or different from what was ordered, it can be returned as per the return policy.

  • 13.1. Customers can log their complaint on within 7 days from the date of delivery.
  • 13.2. Seller will resolve the issue as per seller policy which may include organizing a courier pick up of the defective product and arrange for another reship for the replacement.
  • 13.3. However, the return of a product will only be accepted by the Seller(s) only if it is unused and is with the original packing along with tags/labels if any.
  • 13.4. If in any case, the seller is unable to replace the product due to non-availability, the points used will be refunded to the customer’s account based on the Seller’s policy at the sole discretion of the Seller.
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