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Upto 20% cashback in form of 6E rewards

Offer Validity:

Wed 31 May, 2023

Escalation Matrix

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Offer Detail

  • Offer Details: Upto 20% cashback in form of 6E rewards
  • Terms & Conditions:
    • RuPay Debit/prepaid: Up to 20% cashback with max cash back of INR 500 per app/customer in form of 6E rewards
    • RuPay Credit Card: Up to 20% cashback with max cash back of INR 1500 per app/customer in form of 6E rewards
    • Cashback in form of 6E Rewards only
    • Eligible for Rupay credit/debit/prepaid cards only. (As per bins given by Rupay)
    • Eligible cash back on all 1st Transaction / mobile number only
    • Tracked by Registered Mobile number on IndiGo App
    • 6E Rewards to process cashback into customer’s account within 90 days after the end of offer month
    • Registration on sent link is required for 6E Rewards crediting
nth Rewards



  • After data validation, according to the criteria and conditions that we will apply to pick out winners, eligible RUPAY card holders will be sent a link with details regarding their Rewards earned details.
  • (a) This link will consist of a form which will ask eligible spenders to add their basic details like Name, Number, email ID etc. which will then be used to create an account for those customers where in credit of Rewards can be done. Once registered in the TAT time provided we will be able to credit the points.)
  • (b) Once credited consumer will be able to login in their app or login available on IndiGo’s website, once logged in using mobile number and password used to book ticket and registered on link sent, customers will be able to see the Rewards in their profile
  • (c) Then to redeem they must follow the routine procedure to book flight, once on payment page, instead of choosing any other payment medium, they will chose/select 6E Rewards as redemption currency and can utilize as per their will and rest amount can be used and paid by any medium (partly payment will happen)
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